Mañana es vuestra ultima oportunidad para ver esta expo en cafe molar! Vamos! ;)

Aqui el cartel q hice junto a Xulia Vicente y Susanna Martin <3


Hits With Tits llega a Madrid y que mejor que acompañadas de la Asociación de Autoras de Cómic. En una expo donde sus socias han colaborado realizando comics cuyos protagonistas son los grupos que aparecerán en el recopilatorio, y para hacer love total, Dúo Divergente pondrá la guinda del pastel con sus temazos en directo. Y todo esto GRATIS.

Esto es Molar y lo demás tonterias!!

El cartel ha sido coordinado por Ada Diez con la colaboración de Susanna Martín -la niña de los dibujillos- y Xulia Vicente (

Eyyyy fallo no ver esto antes! Colaboré con un robotillo para este cartelaco de la expo de HWT + AAC :>

Poster that Ada made for the expo in which this is, along with much more cool ladies art. Robots in the poster were drawn by Susanna Martín, Ada Díez and me.

Maaaan, 10000, I can’t even…

Really, thanks everybody, I’m glad you enjoy what I do. I don’t care if you don’t buy my comics in the future, I love you anyway :P

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this giveaway. Thank marscarat for the idea, I’m not good at these things. Comic features also holasoyanabel and suscrofad.


- 3 first winners will get an A5 original watercolor, with one or two characters of choice. I’ll need your address to send them, if you’re not ok with this, we can talk another kind of prize.

- Other 2 winners will get a single character with some simple animation. You choose the character, I choose how to gif it.

Giveaway rules:

- I count likes and reblogs (don’t go spamming like crazy, I don’t want to annoy everyone out there :’D)

- As this is a followers thanking, you must be following me to get the prize.

- Askbox open so I can contact you, please!

I’ll let this run until May 31st, 23:59pm (GMT+2) (May will be a crazy month for me, that’s why I let so much time), then I’ll use a random generator to pick the winners. Good luck :>


Gif recompilation of the Championsona tag (by oxboxer) that some friends and I recently did.

They are, in order, from: takitakosholasoyanabel, semperemansuscrofad, ntamarit and mine.

Most of us also did a few illustrations, you can see them here:

Xulia, Anabel, Luis, me.

A few daily sketches, featuring a draw-a-face-in-a-random-shape game, a scene with unknown people waving to bird-girls, and a doodle inspired by uximuxi's kind-of-haikus drawings. I love what she's been doing lately.

"It’s about time for molar change"

Posted on Apr 18
¡y aquí otra fan! Señorita Xulia , sus trabajos me dan mucho ánimo para continuar adelante , muchos besitos.

Mi querida fan, le mando mis más cordiales saludos y ánimos. Ya sabe que, aparte de querer cortarle las manos y todas esos mensajes de pura envidia que le mando, la admiro profundamente. Siga siendo tan genial. Besetes <3

*Guys, if you don’t know pa-luis, go check her RIGHT NOW. Awesome artist, show some love to her*

Posted on Apr 18
Hi, here's another fan! I was wondering ; what ink do you use with your fountain pen? Mine is not waterproof (like most fountain pen inks I guess) and it smears everywhere when I pait over it with watercolors. :( Thanks, and keep up the awesome work!

Hi, dear fan (?)! I use this one: (Platinum Carbon Ink)

It’s actually aimed for writing, but it’s waterproof and doesn’t obstruct the pen, so it’s working quite well. It’s expensive, but the trader itself highly recommended it after trying many of the inks. So a friend and I bought one and are sharing it, we have plenty of ink for a long time, I think ;)

Anyway, this is something we use for recharging a cartridge, but I think if you use a regular fountain pen, you can find waterproof inks with lower price. suscrofad knows better about this than me. Hope it helps!

Posted on Apr 18
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what materials do you use? love your art.

Hi, and thank you! I try and change materials quite often, but I have a few I use the most. I ink with a portable G fountain pen or a pentel portable penbrush, or both. Color with watercolors or nogaline, and add white with an acrylic-based pen. And well, I use photoshop for digital drawings.

Posted on Apr 18

Drink&Draw 15/04 and 16/04. Fungus.

Started this one on our usual tuesday Drink&Draw, and finished it on an improvised one with my pals, as a goodbye for the spring break. I put some colors on to try a few things.

cómo le das a tus dibujos ese aspecto "antiguo"?

Si te estás refiriendo a los dibujos marrones que subo, es que el papel ya es así, con esa texturilla que tiene. De todas formas, dar efectos de papel antiguo a los dibujos a veces es tan fácil como escanear un papel con textura que tengas por casa y en Photoshop jugar con los modos de fusión. Magia, magia :P Espero haber respondido tu pregunta!

Posted on Apr 16
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More comic dailies: 13, 14 and 15 /04

Legado, kind of a made-up Digimon fanart comic.

A comic I did with suscrofad for a collaborative artbook: Kuro-e.

As cidades tamén esbirran, a personal comic for a contest.

Posted on Apr 15