Super quick tips for how I mess around in PS


Yep, my last post were traditional sketches colored digitally, and as it seems people keep asking how I do these kind of things, I’ll just explain my dumb tricks. /Keep an eye, romuliesky.

First off, the easiest way for coloring a traditional sketch would be this (I think it explains itself):


Oooor invert it: place the sketch layer above and set it to multiply, then color below.

The most handy way to play around is separating the line, which, I believe, can be done following hundreds of different tutorials you can find anywhere.

Anyway, if I’m to draw 100% digital (which I’m not really used to), I feel quite comfortable with Kyle Webster’s Chisel, both for sketching and doing final lines.


Here, I used Chisel for the first drawing and Rough Inker 3 (also by Kyle) for the second. But really, I do almost everything with Chisel.


When I do flat colors I use Chisel as well, but another tool of choice is a watercolor brush I found here (super cool resources tumblr).


And last thing I do a lot: new layer over the line, Ctrl+Alt+G. Sets a new layer that applies its content only to what’s below.


So yeah, those are pretty much my pilars. Nothing special. Hope at least it’s useful for some of you!

Posted on Aug 31


Posted on Aug 31
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Occasional scribblings. Read Sunny 3 these days.

Posted on Aug 26

The Drawing Battle we held at autoban-bd!

Let me share the art blogs of these awesome fighters -

Branda, Perrilla, Luis Yang, Santy Gutiérrez, Sekone, Kike J. Díaz, Yago García

Also, the host David Rubín and the mascots Ghosttthead and Óscar Iglesias

Cool jam!

Finally read Akira this summer, and fanart of these two ladies had to happen.

Last bunch of Amsterdam sketches.

Posted on Aug 23

Sticking stuff to the sketchbook is so fun :’D

Also, I did a drawing for peachy-prince that kindly told me about some interesting places. Thank you! :>

There was a store called Raw Materials that had a variety of skulls and conserved animals. Posting this separatedly because of trigger warning.

!!! You're in Amsterdam?! Oh my gosh, you're in my country!

Not anymore haha.. Came back two days ago. Only went for five days but it was really nice :>

Posted on Aug 21
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Doodles at Van Gogh Museum and other places.