cómo le das a tus dibujos ese aspecto "antiguo"?

Si te estás refiriendo a los dibujos marrones que subo, es que el papel ya es así, con esa texturilla que tiene. De todas formas, dar efectos de papel antiguo a los dibujos a veces es tan fácil como escanear un papel con textura que tengas por casa y en Photoshop jugar con los modos de fusión. Magia, magia :P Espero haber respondido tu pregunta!

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More comic dailies: 13, 14 and 15 /04

Legado, kind of a made-up Digimon fanart comic.

A comic I did with suscrofad for a collaborative artbook: Kuro-e.

As cidades tamén esbirran, a personal comic for a contest.

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Más Secret Roots, complementando este post sobre el proyecto que concebimos Xulia, María y yo en un workshop la semana pasada. Fun fun fun!

More Secret Roots, in order to complete this post about a project we did in a workshop Xulia, María and me las week. Featuring brand new poster, many concept sketches and some dramatic final scene, yaaay!

Dramatic final scenes WOOOO!!

A drawing game with suscrofad, ntamarit, holasoyanabel and marscarat.

Each one of us designed a character and wrote a few conditions for the others, then the rest did their version sticking to them. Here are the results. Would you be able to tell who is who?

Secret Roots is a project holasoyanabel, marscarat and me developed together in a workshop this week.

It was aimed to be a film, but we can’t afford that task. May we turn it into a comic? We’ll see.

"Go ahead and disappoint me"

12/04. If you’ve seen 3rd season of Skins, you’ll recognize this.

9, 10, 11 /04, and one of my sketchbooks is over *puts it in the corner of finished notes*

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I've been looking at your blog for some time, and I just wanted to say how amazing your art is. It's one thing to be good, but you are GREAT. I mean, when I look at your art, it evokes emotion and that is amazing. The colors, the expressions, the style. You rock.

Ahhhh thanks a bunch ;A; I’m so flattered by the love you’re showing, guys. These things cheer me up a lot :>

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Hola! ¿por que decidiste estudiar bellas artes y no un módulo de ilustración que se centra más en el campo en el que quieres desarrollarte? Tengo dudas sobre que coger y a ver si puedes ayudarme a decidirme :) Saludos

Hola! Pues bueno, esta es la eterna pregunta… No sé, vi el módulo como bastante cortito y algo escaso, y por lo que me comentaba la gente no era muy aprovechable, por lo menos en mi zona. Con el grado de bellas artes como que tenía cuatro años para afianzar bien una base y probar otras técnicas y cosas nuevas, es decir, me gustaba que la enseñanza fuera más diversa. Especializarse demasiado en una cosa está bien, pero me llamaba más conocer otros campos al mismo tiempo.

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Going on with the old comics drawings. These are all from about last spring I think, in which I really produced quite a lot of short stories.

"Laundromat Fishing" and "Dos gotas" again share my favourite main character. The first one is an unfinished project, and the second is a 12-page story that can be found in Sacoponcho #1.

"Negocios carnívoros" is a 4-page shot for Compota de Manatí. I did another illustration about it a few days ago.

And the last one, “Las sillenas”, a 5-page one with Marceline and Bubblegum. It’ll be featured in an Adventure Time fanbook which will release in a few months.